Start to Pronunciation

Today was a long day and I so I think I cut my lesson a little shorter today than I would have liked. Or at least I think it was shorter? Still having a hard time figuring out how I’m supposed to pace myself with TextFugu. Today’s post is definitely going to be a bit shorter though.

Brief Summary:

Anyway, my lesson today and for the foreseeable future is all about pronunciation. Focusing mainly on the Hiragana “alphabet.”
This bit focused on the main 5  “vowels” in Hiragana and then the “consonant” patterns that are built off of those 5.
They provided a nice sheet with a well thought out table of all the pronunciations and symbols. Loaded up on my iPad it’s working out really well for me.
Oh another thing this section talked about was good way to keep actionable task lists which I found actually extremely helpful. So if nothing else, that’s good. (There was more that was good though so.)

Overall Feelings:

This chapter(section? bit?) has gotten me really excited to push myself. It has also prepped me with some decent tools and processes of doing so. Mainly with the actionable task lists. To-do lists have never been a motivating way for me to do/get work done but the way they explained and improved upon things has changed my perspective. I’m ready to do this!

Where I excelled:
I felt like I was easily able to actually pronounce the main vowels and consonants. The only ones I’m not sure about being ら,り,る,れ,ろ. As I mentioned earlier I had to end my learning a bit early today (mainly because work and stuff ran way longer than I thought it would and I’m about to pass out) so I kind of cut off at what felt was a solid place. That solid place being right before moving into those 5 symbol pronunciations.

Where I struggled:
So in this chapter it said to try writing out the main 5 vowels. Wow. I, I’m really bad at writing out those symbols. I tried doing a couple other ones as well. Now, my handwriting normally isn’t too bad, but oh man, this looked horrible. The number of scribbled out symbols in my note book kind of bum me out.
That being said I know that I will get better with practice! Also this section, isn’t really about how to write them but on how to pronounce them! So I know that the writing part is coming once I get this part down. Which is reassuring to me. I want to get this pronunciation down as good as I can and then continue on with a strong foundation!

Take a look below. See that awfulness? I’m going to be so impressive later on.


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