“Main” Hiragana Pronunciation

Okay so yeah I think I cut yesterday’s lesson in half so that’s my bad. Although I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing because I spent extra time today learning/practicing the “main” set of Hiragana. I think splitting it between each set of Hiragana should be helpful and I have a plan to practice each section before moving onto the next one, reaffirming the pronunciation in my mind.

Brief Summary:

In this part of the chapter it dove right into the pronunciation of each kana (46) in the main section. Now I don’t know how to read them at all yet, but I think just seeing the kana written out and also saying the pronunciation of it over and over is going to help in that reading process later on. TextFugu gave some very simple, but good, videos where they pronounced each kana multiple times. This allowed me to first hear the sound, then try sounding it out after they spoke it, and eventually I was able to pronounce it at the same time (and hopefully not too far off from what they were saying).
Not only did they give those videos but most of the kana that were harder to say were followed up by a bit of text on how to practice saying them.

Overall Feelings:

Even though I’ve been excited and continually have been pumping my self up for this over the past three days, it’s really nice to finally begin hearing what the kana sound like and be able to practice saying them out loud. So far nothing has scared me off from continuing so that’s good!

Where I excelled:
Well honestly I think I excelled at a lot of this pronunciation. As far as I could tell I was able to mimic most of the sounds that the person in the videos were making. I feel confident that I can continue to pronounce these things correctly and I think that it is really setting me up for success in the long run.

Where I struggled:
Two places got me.
The first place I eventually got correctly but moving between the つ(tsu) and other kana in its grouping kind of tripped up my speaking. It was messing with me because my mind was wanting to move back to the す(su) grouping. This is something I will definitely want to continue practicing saying and saying quickly so I don’t trip myself up further in the future when learning words.
The second place that got me was every kana in the ら(ra) grouping. This is mainly because of the way the Japanese ‘r’ is sounded out. I just have to focus on the way I roll my tongue and eventually after practicing that group for a while it should hopefully become muscle memory for me.

Side note, they put this video in the middle of the lesson to help the mind take a break and oh man it would be a sin not to share it with everyone.


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