Dakuten/Handakuten Pronunciation and More

Thank the Lord it’s Friday. Life has been crazy. I have some good news though! I figured out how I should pace myself using TextFugu! Now, I probably should have had this figured out from the start, but hey, cut me some slack. I will be doing better from now on.
That all being said, today’s lesson was still kind of short for me because I kind of split up this chapter quite a bit. Now for me I think this is actually turning out to be a good thing because it allowed me to focus on specific parts of Hiragana each day.

Brief Summary:

So in this part of the chapter, the end of it, TextFugu dives into the final bits of Hiragana pronunciation which includes the dakuten, handakuten, and the “combo” Hiragana. I have a feeling the distinctions between these when I start to read and write will be a lot tougher, but pronunciation-wise they’re all pretty simple.

Overall Feelings:

Today was a short day and lesson. I think that’s okay mainly because I didn’t want to spread myself too thin by learning this new pronunciation and then diving right into the next chapter. From now on though I see these blog posts become a bit longer to write.

Where I excelled:
I think I really nailed quite a bit of the pronunciation today. It felt good. Practicing all the other bits before hand really prepped me to do well here I believe.

Where I struggled:
Now even though I was just bragging about nailing most of it I did struggle with one set. It was the set with the Japanese ‘r’ again. I’m getting better at pronouncing it but it still needs some work before I get it down solid. I’m going to continue to pronounce all the Hiragana daily, repeating the R’s a couple times, so that I can have my solid foundation as I work through the reading and writing portions.

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