First 10 Hiragana Learned

Now, I have to admit, the title of this post is a little misleading. I haven’t so much “learned” the first 10 Hiragana as much as I have briefly memorized them and can distinguish them from the others. That being said this is a great start so far for me.
I once tried memorizing all of Hiragana back in high school but it was just kind of a passing thing for me and didn’t turn into something other than me being able to tell which flash card was which. Maybe that little practice back then will help me now? Who knows.

Brief Summary:

Now I know I said that these posts would probably become a bit longer start today, buuuuut there might not be the truth. I’m actually pretty unsure at the moment. I came into this new chapter all like “Yeah time to go through this entire chapter tonight because that’s how this should be paced!”
Little did I know that was not the case when I got up to an entire outline and lesson plan for memorizing all the kana. Oh ignorant me. I think my plan is to follow the outline within Textfugu and learn a new set of 10 per day(adding onto the ones I learned the previous day) so that in 7ish days I should have quite a handle and a lot of Hiragana. This includes being able to sound them out and also be able to distinguish the kana from each other. That being said my posts might become a little boring. They’ll probably mostly be talking about the different learning methods and then the kana I am really struggling with. Speaking of struggles! Let’s move on to how this lesson went for me today.

Overall Feelings:

So just as a quick update, I think my accent and pronunciation is getting quite a bit better. I’m a very good audio learner so just listening to people speak over and over again really helps me out. Even while I sleep I’ll have something playing. When I sleep and listen to something I can have it memorized within a day or two. This is how I’d learn song lyrics or speeches I had to give back in school. It really comes in handy!
Aside from that moving into the reading chapter really tested my resolve on if I wanted to do this today. Saturday’s I get up crazy early  for some personal commitments and I usually just want to be lazy after I get finished up with those. So when I got home I kind of stood and looked at my laptop for a while really contemplating whether or not I wanted to do this. I am glad I did. I have to keep to this learning. I am committed. I can’t give up after just a few days. I can’t give up ever!

Where I excelled:
So this chapter really sets you up for success. It gives you all the tools you need to start learning Hiragana pretty easily. It not only utilizes a flash card system(which I personally find great) but it also give some other online resources such as matching games and stuff.
Now after about maybe 20 minutes of going through the flash cards for the first 10 kana I was then able to reliably place 7 of them in their correct spots after they were shuffled up with all the other kana.

Where I struggled:
Wow. Did those other 3 give me trouble. き(ki) け(ke) and こ(ko) gave me so much trouble when they were jumbled up with all the others. I could remember the basic strokes but then I’d add an extra stroke in my mind and grab the wrong kana. I had to look back at my Hiragana guide several times before I was able to do the matching properly and reliably.
I think this will get much easier in time though when I’ve studied more of Hiragana and memorized more of the other kana.
My goal is to come back and study over the previously learned kana each day before moving into the new set. That way I can solidify them all.

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