Moving on to Twenty

So I was right in the fact that I was wrong. The first 10 I memorized I only memorized partly correct. I noticed this morning when opening up my TextFugu session that I had missed something from yesterday. It was a practice sheet with the first 10. So in my head I was like “okay, I can do this pretty easy I think.” I was wrong. I printed off the sheet and realized I had to write out the actual kana and panic set in. “Oh no! I know I can differentiate them but writing them is a whole different deal!”
After a little bit and some small refreshers I was actually able to get through the entire sheet. But geeeeeeze does my handwriting suck. It also didn’t help that I decided to do this lesson in my bed today and my cat just wanted to be cute and distracting.
After struggling through that though (specifically gettingき(ki) andけ(ke) correct) I was able to move on to the next 10 kana and start learning them as well.


Brief Overview:

Today’s lesson was a little harder at first. I think I made it this way on myself because obviously I didn’t do the best at learning yesterday. But I have learned and am moving on! The next part of the schedule laid out on TextFugu gave some more resources and “games” that allowed me to learn in a nice, easy way. The online programs and sheets they provide are definitely going to help me out in the long run.

Overall Feelings:

I think I’m picking this up pretty well! Wait did I say something like that yesterday? Hmm… But seriously I think I am getting a hang of this learning pattern now and I’ve been able to get these first 20 down pretty well! Yes of course I struggled with some things today and my lesson may or may not have taken an extra 45 minutes or so BUT HEY that’s toootally fine. So with that let’s get into where I excelled and and where I didn’t.

Where I excelled:
I don’t know if this counts as excelling but after I brushed up on my first 10 and did that work sheet I really think I’ve got them down! Pretty exciting actually. I was able to tell the difference between them and other kana (even when the fonts were all wacky) and successfully do some memory games.
I also think I did pretty well with the new 10 I learned today because I was thinking in a different way from yesterday to try and set me up for better success on Tuesday (note about this below).

Where I struggled:
Well dang if it isn’t pretty hard to sometimes tell the difference betweenき(ki), さ(sa), and ち(chi). Darn you き, darn you. Anyway, I figured out some ways to differentiate them in my mind and I really spent a lot of time just on those 3 kana so I would be sure to get them all straight in my head. I’m definitely going to be focusing on those a lot the next coming lessons.
I also struggled a bit when I first started changing up the fonts in the flash cards and stuff to try and really test myself. I ended up getting a lot better at it but I will still need to keep doing that throughout the next few weeks.

Note: So I realized that I will have almost 0 time to do my lesson tomorrow. I go to work, then right after that I help lead a Bible study until around 9ish so if I’m not dead tired by then I will do a short lesson and make a post, but it definitely won’t be as robust as others. Shoot I think I just talked myself into doing it anyway. Ugh. I guess we’ll see. Tuesday I will 100% be back though.

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