Week in Review / Jan 16-22

Now I know what you’re thinking.

“Lefty, a week in review kind of post just means you didn’t really do a lesson tonight!”

Now hey there random reader, you’re totally right. I’m tired as all heck and just got home after a long day.

That being said though, I did just do a review of my first twenty kana and I’m excited to say that I’m really getting them down. But hey let’s actually make this week in review post worth writing.

So far I think I’m doing pretty good. Using the TextFugu book has really made this beginning totally worth it. I’m really pumped to continue on and I’m ready to keep pushing myself to do this. My foundation is really feeling solid. I’m glad to have found this way of studying and today I actually received an email with access to the newer study methods created by Tofugu. I will probably stick to TextFugu at the moment for the time being and move into EtoEto when I get to a little more advanced level. To those of you who have reached out, I really appreciate the encouragement. You have been too kind and I will most likely reach out to you in the furture for help. Tomorrow I will be sure to post a normal post with all my overviews and everything. So until then, stay warm and smiley gently everyone. Night.

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