Over Half Way There (Kinda)

Good evening blog and also people! Today was a very good day in teaching myself things. Not only Japanese but also other work things. Those other things don’t matter though! Let’s get into the good stuff. First off, I closed my door so my cat wouldn’t come and be cute and distracting. She scratched at the door a little bit and it made me sad, but whatever. I really think I have the first 20 kana down really well. I’m able to write them (though they don’t look spectacular) and also read them. That put’s me at half way through the “main” kana as TextFugu puts it so that makes me pretty happy! Also I have notice now that I have been working on those it has made it easier to actually learn the next 10! You all probably don’t understand but that gets me super pumped! I’m all ecstatic about it.

Brief Summary:

As far as today’s lesson goes, it was pretty was pretty simple. Simple was good though. I refreshed on my first 20 once again and was able to write them out from memory. No hints needed. Yay! Next I moved onto the next 10 kana which I was actually pretty nervous for because this batch had a lot of funky shapes. The funky shapes make it easier for me to memorize which is which for sure but I know that my handwriting is atrocious and I feel bad mangling this language on paper. This is a good time to work on my handwriting as well though so that’s a plus I guess. TextFugu gave this great resource called RealKana as well which has been a great resource for testing my memory at work when I have a spare minute and for refreshing before I start each day’s lesson.

Overall Feelings:

Once again I find myself enthusiastic about learning this language. I was actually pretty down yesterday not being able to fully commit myself to doing a lesson just because of how my schedule works out. I think it might be a good thing though to do those “Week in Review” posts though so I can look back at all the things I have struggled with that week and really make them a focus of completion for the coming week. Admittedly last night’s post was really half baked and I may or may not have just come up with that idea of looking back thoroughly just now, but hey at least I have a plan for the next time yeah?

Where I excelled:
I totally crushed my memory quiz with those first 20. I am pretty proud of myself honestly. I was a little worried starting up that missing yesterday would cause some problems. However, the moment I whipped out my piece of paper and pen, my hand wrote and wrote and my brain was chugging on all cylinders. Moving onto the next 10 was a little intimidating but once I focused on a couple at a time and moved into doing the Anki flash cards I was able to pick them up pretty quick and differentiate them from one another.

Where I struggled:
There is always one that gets me right? に(ni) was the one that got me today. I kept mixing it up with た(ta) and け(ke). After a few frustrating moments of screwing up over and over I decided to make my own flash cards, about 18, with just those 3 kana written on them so I could drill myself over and over until I had them memorized. Worked like a charm! After that I was able to open up RealKana again and go through the quiz and got a little over 200 answers correct in a row. Looking forward to finishing up learning the “main” kana tomorrow and then moving into finishing off the memorization part of Hiragana. I want to focus on how to write them all properly here soon.

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