Much Needed Review

So today took a little bit of a different turn than I thought. I was thinking going into today that I’d be diving head on into learning all the dakuten and memorizing it all in one swoop. This changed though when I decided to pull out a review sheet and practice what I had learned so far. I actually did pretty good for the most part, but it wasn’t 100% and so I figured it was important enough to derail what I wanted to do, to learn what I truly needed to. That being said today’s post is going to be pretty short. So sorry for that. If you read this though I will reward you with some cute pictures of my cat? Is that the right thing to do in this situation? I’m thinking yes. My layout is going to be different today for this post to since it’s pretty much been a review day for this guy. I’m just going to go ahead and dive on into what I struggled with and stuff.

Overall Feelings:

As stated before, I was not hyped to do a review today. I was really thinking I was ready to go head first into learning some new stuff tonight. It became apparent to me though that my main 46 kana really needed to be patted down 100% though before I can consider on to learning more.

Where I excelled:
Honestly, I’m feeling slightly proud of myself. Deciding to do this review of what I had been working on as a full lesson for today actually kind of solidified in my mind that I’m serious about this. I could have just said “nah I’m gonna move on to more” but I think that would have really handicapped me in the long run (or short run? or both? who knows, just a feeling). All that being said, I think I did a real good job at the end of this review session. All the guys that had been giving me trouble throughout the week all started to click correctly for me and I was able to sound out not just single kana but also some simple words. These words obviously excluded the things I still don’t know yet.

Where I struggled:
It was definitely a bit of a bummer when I was having problems with the same kana I had problems with over the past few days. I thought I had nailed them down so when I got to filling out some of my worksheets it was frustrating that I was making the same mistakes. Why な(na) has been giving me so much trouble, I have no idea. It’s not even like I was mixing it up with a different kana! I was just drawing a blank every time I got to it. I don’t know. Did anyone else have that problem while they were learning? I’d love to hear about it for some encouragement as well as any tips you have for learning more of these characters in the future.
Good news is that I think I have got that one down strongly now so I’m not worried about struggling with my review sheets tomorrow. I think I might do another one of these review days once I “finish off” the rest of Hiragana so I can make sure I have it all solidly learned.

Alright, you’ve been patient enough. Here are some pictures of René.

(René’s cardboard hotel, The Pawdmoor)

(René cuddled up on my lap, awwwww)

(One real pretty kitty)

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