Splitting Dakuten/Handakuten

So I decided instead of learning all 25 today that I’d do some more review and then start off with the first 10. I figured at this point it will be quite a bit easier for me to pick up these 25 because they are the general symbols I have already learned with slight additions. However to be on the safe side and to nail down the first 46 a bit better I decided to split this lesson into two.

Brief Summary:

First of all quickly looking over the dakuten and handakuten on my sheet of paper I keep with my study stuff I came across ぷ(pu) and like 12 different dad jokes rushed through my head. My favorite was “ah man it’s a fu degrees colder in here than out there.” I apologize for this. My room is unusually cold and this joke made me chuckle. Anyway I went from making dumb jokes to actually reviewing over my first 46 by doing some of the RealKana site as well as physically writing out the kana on paper. Writing them out definitely helps me learn them a lot better and I’m sure will help me out once I get to the writing section of TextFugu.

Overall Feelings:

Having that brief review again before diving into the new stuff was a good idea. I have definitely improved and remembered a lot more of the kana than I did even yesterday. It is encouraging to nail these down and not struggle like I was before. Got な(na) on my first try without really even thinking. It just kind of flowed which felt good. Moving onto the first 10 dakuten was fairly simple as well. They’re all the basic shapes of some of the kana I know and once I had the main pronunciation going I could easily figure it out from my flash cards and practice paper.

Where I excelled:
I totally rocked those dakuten. I quickly got the pronunciation and was able to memorize them to their kana. Was able to write them out with ease as well since I have been writing out those other kana.

Where I struggled: 
Well I must admit じ(ji) threw me off the first time I was going through. I was silly enough to be like “is, is it zhi? How do I properly say that?” Then once I hit the button on Anki to reveal the answer I was like “Oh I actually knew that and told myself I needed to prepare for it…” After that I didn’t really struggle with any of the new stuff. Even reviewing the old stuff I didn’t really have a hard time writing them out or pronouncing them. The only kana that gave me a little pause before writing was を(wo) but I got past it and was able to write it over and over on my practice sheet.

So my plan for tomorrow is to go over the first 10 again and then learn the final 15 of them. Hopefully that will give me a little longer of a post for tomorrow. Today’s review and learning the first 10 took a little while (well my review sheets did since I had a lot of them) but the actual amount of new stuff and things to talk about were kind of sparse.

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