Finishing the Split

Alright. So yeah I didn’t do a post yesterday because I was out from very early in the morning until very late at night so I just didn’t have time. That being said I did pretty much learn the other 15 kana just by doing my little RealKana app on my phone. It was like $3 but I’ve already used it a ton and it definitely is a lot less glitchy than the website. In all honesty, I probably should have just learned the 25 all at the same time. I mean, It was a really easy to do just all around. The only tricky part might have been separating the ば(ba) andぱ(pa) groupings because they’re so close to each other and when I got going fast on the app I would sometimes slip up. (Oops I think I just summarized what I’d usually summarize later on)

Brief Summary:

Yeah, so I am probably going to do another lesson later today becauuuuuuse just doing the “review” over the last 15 this morning has felt pretty empty. Like I didn’t learn anything new or even get a pretty solid review in because I already know them pretty well… I don’t have any real plans today either so not doing another lesson would feel like I’m cheating myself.
I’m not going to do the next lesson right away just because I really want to do some cleaning and stuff around my house but, yeah…… maybe I’ll work on a new theme for my wordpress too? Who knows?

Overall Feelings:

Yeah I really just need to do another lesson today. Be on the look out for a post later this evening. Here I got an idea. I’m gonna recommend an anime for you all to watch. Here we go. New section time.

Anime Recommendation:

Wow. Such fresh header. All new section. Bet I’m blowing all your minds right now. Okay but here we go. The anime that I recommend you watch throughout February is…… Natsume Yujin-cho!!! Wooooo. This show is all about a young man named Natsume, and he will never fail to remind you that he can see youkai. He finds out that his grandmother could as well and not only that but she had a huge book full of youkai names that allowed her to control them. Natsume inherits the book and his goal is to return every name that she took. I like it because it’s a really chill show. The music is calming and beautiful. Each episode generally has its own story but they’re all pretty good. They just finished up season 5 and will be starting season 6 sometime this year. I think. Anyway, go watch it on Crunchyroll or on some other site on the dark web because you’re a hooligan.

Keep an eye out for another post today too.

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