Finishing Hiragana Memorization

Okay since today’s first lesson was pretty short I decided to go ahead and finish off the rest of my basic hiragana. This included a lot of the “combination” kana excluding anything involving katakana. It also happens to be the last thing on my crazy hiragana memorization walkthrough page. So I think I will talk about it a bit today and more in tomorrow’s review post.

Brief Summary:

Once again this section was pretty much just a to do list. I first went through Anki, then through my practice sheets, and finished it off with RealKana. Nothing out of the extraordinary for the learning process here. However I think the way TextFugu eased me through the entire learning process, slowly adding these resources on as I went was great. I have heard from a lot of people that this recourse is one of the more “outdated” ones in terms of self teaching, but I am definitely enjoying it so far. I also think I have learned a lot in these past two weeks. At least enough to know that I am ready to continue on with a firm foundation.

Overall Feelings:

I am really excited to move on. Not that I didn’t enjoy learning all this, but cmon, anyone would be excited to move on from just memorization and all that. I wanna start learning how to understand how to read and get into conversation and stuff. I might be a long way off but man do I want it.
This last bit actually wasn’t to hard to get down at all, I was thinking about splitting it up again but I figured I would push myself and in the end I didn’t really have to because I have been set up so well to get these all down. The combination stuff is just everything I’ve already learned with a slightly different pronunciation on most of them so it wasn’t difficult to get through my practice stuff right away.

Where I excelled:
After a couple of the combos went by in Anki was able to finish off the new 36 pretty fast. I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish this week and I will just keep up with my practice using the online resources that have been made available to me.

Where I struggled:
The hardest part was not closing my bedroom door and having my cat come and meow at me for 10 minutes until I paid attention to her. Seriously though I think the trickiest part of was getting the slight pronunciations correct the first time around. After I heard how to say them correctly using Anki I was set.

Tomorrow I will go ahead and dive into more detail on my overall feelings of the entire week and where I think I can spend more time in practice. This will also include thoughts on TextFugu so far along with other resources online that I have been using.

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