Week in Review / Jan 23-30

Alright, I meant to post this last night but I actually fell asleep while typing it out originally. Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning with my dead laptop sitting there while I was perched up against the wall.

Finishing up my hiragana memorization (at least for the time being) has actually felt really satisfying. Yesterday while I was out and about I went ahead and just wrote every kana out like 7-8 times each and I only had to pause and think about a couple that gave me a little trouble. I think I have come quite a way so far with learning Japanese, at least further than I have ever been. I am definitely ready to move into starting to read and understanding the language more as a whole.

I need to continue to use my practice tools just to make sure I have all of this down solid. Those couple kana that have been giving me trouble I am focusing on more than the rest at the moment. I think I still need to work a little more on my Japanese R’s as well, just because I think I sound silly and it’s not quite there yet.

Thoughts on resources:

TextFugu has been an amazing resource so far. I honestly feel like it was the best thing for me to find and begin learning Japanese with. It might be a bit “outdated” in some people’s eyes, but for me it has spurred me on tremendously more than other resources to learn the language. Things like Rosetta Stone might be useful on the side once I begin conversational Japanese and everything but beginning to get a firm foundation through TextFugu has felt invaluable. I would definitely recommend TextFugu to other people, and I am excited to see how the creator’s new project will turn out.

Anki is great. At least for me it is. I learn pretty well using flash cards, and I am also a solid audio learner. So having both of those things built into one tool has been extremely useful. Figuring out all the configurations and stuff took a bit which was kind of frustrating, and I’m a tech guy, but after I got that all sorted out it worked wonderfully.

RealKana has been very useful on the same kind of front as Anki and flash cards. It has forced me to be quick in answering which kana is which and I think that will help me when I actually start reading. Personally I purchased the phone app of RealKana because their website can be kind of glitchy and frustrating, not that it is impossible to use, I just am a website snob because of my job.

I’m looking forward to today’s lesson and see where I am moving into next. Expect another post later tonight. Have a wicked day everyone.

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