Long Vowels and the Small Tsu

Bweh. Boy am I exhausted, but I made it a point to push myself today at work so I could finish up the rest of this hiragana memorization chapter today. Good news is I kicked butt at both.

Brief Summary:

^woah look at that header we have not seen in a while. Okay okay but let’s just dive on in. So the final few parts of this chapter went over long vowels and っ(small tsu). Now I thought “oh man am I going to have to chop this up into multiple parts again?” The answer was swiftly given to me in the form of a big ol’ “Nope!”
Starting with the long vowels I learned pretty quickly how certain vowels could extend the the sound of the vowel before it. After going through some practice of that the chapter dove into っ which was something brand new I had never actually learned before! The quick explanation of it that it is used to extend consonant sounds. Now I guess I “knew” of this, I just didn’t realize how it worked written down or what I was actually looking for.

Overall Feelings:

Boy am I glad to be finished up with this chapter! Not that it was a bad chapter, but I am just glad to be moving on. Now I’m definitely not a hiragana pro but I feel pretty good about my abilities so far. Definitely motivated to continue onward for sure!

Where I excelled:
Now it wouldn’t be an “Overall Feelings” section if I didn’t take a second to brag a bit. I totally killed it today. From work to my lesson. I feel really good about myself right now. Motivation at an all time high. You should have been there. One second I’m making super cool websites, the next I’m saying “にっぽん” correctly. What a day.
In all seriousness though, I think I really caught the hang of how pronunciation worked using っ in words and was able to write out and pronounce the practice words given to me.

Where I struggled:
All that bragging aside, I am super exhausted. It did take me a couple minutes and a few retries to read through the last few pages of this chapter. Mind kept getting distracted and drifted off trying to make sure I got all the work done that I wanted to today (I did).
I will probably give the last few pages a reread again tomorrow before starting the new chapter just to make sure I have everything down correctly.

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings and what the next chapters push me to do.

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