Studying A Passion

So unfortunately (or rather not so unfortunately) I have an extremely busy life as of late. I have missed a couple more days of my studies than I would have liked but I will make it up as soon as I can. Today won’t be a review day since you know, I don’t have too much to review from the past week. Thankfully I had some time tonight after my other stuff to work in a small lesson (actually made it through a short chapter) and write this post.

Brief Summary:

So this chapter was all about “studying your passion” and when I saw that I was like “oh yeah that makes total sense.” Studying a passion makes it easier to learn a language because you like the things your are studying about. How clever! Of course to study a passion you have to have something you are passionate about. That’s where I got kind of hung up. I do not really have a passion for anything at the moment, at least activity-wise. I sat here thinking about what I could study for about for a while. I thought “I guess I could study stuff related to work” however my job is very technical and that would involve a lot of big technical words that would be painful to learn. I also don’t really love my work so that’s not a legitimate passion. Then I thought “okay how about hobby’s, Joshua. Have any hobbies?” The answer then being “wow no I’m super boring.” I finally decided upon clothing. I personally like to dress nicely and clothes interest me. After I picked that “passion” I was able to pick out 20 vocabulary words to start learning throughout the next few lessons. I then put those into Anki to be flash cards. There were a couple wild cards that we will get to in the next section.
Note: Passion is subject to change in further posts depending on if I think of something better and/or become a more interesting person.

Overall Feelings:

I am pretty excited to get into this. Clothes are pretty cool. At least to me. I like to go shopping and pick out nice clothing and whatnot. It may seem like a simple thing to study but hey, I enjoy it so that’s where I’ll start at least. Only issue is that a few of my vocabulary words don’t actually have a hiragana version of the word, several are written in katakana. This isn’t really an issue as I will eventually be learning katakana but it kind of throws a loop in my flash cards. I will start out with them in there but as time goes on I will hopefully be able to replace them with new words that have hiragana variants.

Where I excelled:
Well I was able to think of 20 words. Annnnnnnnnd I got them into Anki alright. That’s pretty cool. Oh! Also I was able to read the hiragana really well! Didn’t hiccup once when looking through the dictionary. That felt pretty good.

Where I struggled:
Wellllll it took me quite a while to think of a passion. Annnnnnnnnnnd some of the words I thought of are in katakana so that’s kind of a bummer-ish. I will be able to learn from it though and hopefully it’ll help me in the future if I think of a new passion or new words.

Speaking of clothes, check out these rad shoes I just got. They’re very orange.


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