Practice Reading

Okay tonight’s post is going to be super quick because I have other things I have to get to as soon as possible.

Rushed Summary:

Tonight I just did a bunch of practice including reading a ton of hiragana. Now I might not have been able to understand all that I was reading but I actually was able to read a lot of it at a reasonable pace only looking toward help when I needed to know how to pronounce a full word or sentence.

Rushed Overall Feelings:

I actually am feeling pretty good about myself 😀 I was able to read out a lot of the practice sheet decently fast. I didn’t stumble over individual kana at all but got a little confused on a few when they were put together into words. I just went ahead and looked them up to get the proper pronunciation correct. I felt good recognizing a few of the words and was able to figure out what some of the sentences were! I will definitely have to continue practicing my reading daily but this is a great start I think!  Starting a new chapter tomorrow hopefully. I will be doing my lesson Saturday morning as well since I have plans for the afternoon into the evening that day. (I guess you don’t need to know that but I feel like if I write it out here it solidifies the plan in my mind and keeps me accountable.) Tomorrow’s post should have a little more meat to it as I won’t be as rushed to get through it.

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