Finishing Season 1 of TextFugu

Well. I finally did it. It may have taken a few more days than I would have liked (just because of missing lessons) but it was a great ride all the same. I just finished up the last two chapters of season 1 of TextFugu and I’ve got to say, I’m ready to get going into season 2 and begin learning kanji and reinforcing my lessons from season 1 through more practice. I’m actually pretty surprised by how well this textbook is actually written, it’s almost like it was just for me. The different learning devices and practice tools have all been related to the best ways I learn something. That being said I’m sure there are plenty of people who it isn’t good for, but whatever this is all about me at the moment 😛

The final two chapters of the book (actually really short) gave more in depth information on how I’ll be learning my kanji and why I’ll be learning that way. I probably won’t go into much detail here because I covered most of it in my last post so go check that out if you’re interested. I will say though the use of the mnemonic devices mentioned in this chapter that I will be using to learn get me pretty excited so I definitely suggest you check out these final 2 chapters of TextFugu if you’re currently learning kanji, just to see if it could work for you too.

I’m really aiming to start season 2 today but a lot of stuff was just dropped on my plate so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get to it until Tuesday (which really bums me out). However once I get into that you’ll be seeing the regular posts from me again. So I guess my final part of this post can be a quick review of what I thought of TextFugu thus far.

So the first “season” is free, but honestly I purchased it like halfway through the free season because I knew that this was going to be the be purchase I’d make for learning Japanese. If I ran into someone who was wanting to start learning Japanese I would highly recommend them to check out this first free season and give it a shot. It’s motivating, and approaches learning in a very clever way. I’m super stoked to dive on in deeper and keep learning using this textbook. I’m also glad that I decided to do this blog over doing just a normal journal. I feel like it’s kept me accountable to keeping up with my studies (as much as I am able to between work and such) and has also allowed me to connect to a few people who have been encouraging! So thank you to you people! You rock!

I hope those of you who have been sticking with me through this first season will continue to follow along with my language journey and maybe someday soon we can be talking in Japanese together!

René will still be joining us too 😀 0-1.jpg

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