Starting Season 2

So first off, I did a couple lessons this week it’s just every time I came to write I actually fell asleep on my computer cuz I have been exhausted at the times I begin. 😛 And though I have a couple chapters to write about, I’m going to make this post brief as well just because I have a lot on my plate at the moment.

Currently I’m learning about tenses of words, mainly working with です and じゃありません.
This has been probably the easier part as I have also start learning kanji radicals (although the first few of these have been simple as well). I think inherently kanji is going to be the harder thing for me to learn, but I guess we’ll see.

I am practicing my hiragana daily still. This includes reading through some simple newspaper clippings as well. Even though I don’t understand a lot of the words(like almost all) it’s exciting to me that I am able to read them at all. Can’t wait until I can start understanding it better.

I will have more posts this week as I pretty much have everything crazy about done with my work and I should have some more breathing time at home. This means I won’t be doing my lessons at like 9 at night and then fall asleep right away. Hooray!!!
So yeah, be on the look out for those. I think I’ll do another post tomorrow (hopefully) with more in depth(and normal format) on the chapters I’ve done so far of season 2 of Textfugu.

Things are looking good so far. I’m still pumped and ready to go.

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