More です and じゃありません

Good morning all you beautiful people!
Yup it’s me. I am alive (well mostly) and today I dropped everything I had to do because I seriously needed to get into my studies again. Not only that but I was actually feeling really bummed this last week that I didn’t have much time at all to even open my textbook. I just gotta learn this. I’m dead set on it.

Brief Summary:

So diving right into this. I actually redid my first two chapters of Season 2 so that I could get a refresh on what I had last looked at (yes it had been long enough to where I wanted to do this). This worked out though since my last post, which was admittedly a lazy post, didn’t go into much of what I learned in these chapters at all.
Starting with chapter 1 I learned more about how to use です by making a sentence into a question by using ですか. Overall it was pretty simple, not only did I learn how to ask these super general questions but I was taught how to answer them positively using はい (yes).
Appropriately the second chapter went over how to negatively answer the questions set up in the previous chapter by using じゃありません and いいえ (no).
Within both of these chapters I also started on learning my first batch of kanji radicals which has entailed different mnemonic tricks. I really liking how TextFugu is presenting this to me.
Oh I have also been slowly increasing my Anki decks so I have quite a bit of hiragana practice daily set up. Helps me keep up on my pronunciation.

Overall Feelings:

Season 2 of TextFugu has been great so far. I think it really helped me to do this review today as I have been out of the game for a little over a week (hopefully this shouldn’t be the case this week). It continually encourages me to learn in new ways that I haven’t used before and I think that my Japanese is steadily improving at its foundation.

Where I excelled:
I think originally (and reviewing today) I was able to pick up these grammar mechanics pretty easily. I know they’re really simple but that’s kind of what I need to be learning right now. I didn’t really mention above but also while doing all this sentence creation TextFugu has been giving me vocab words like animals, drinks, foods, and such so I have been learning all that as well while doing this. I have been able to read out what the word is in hiragana before even listening to its pronunciation so I really find encouragement in that.

Where I struggled:
Honestly じゃありません is kind of hard for me to say. I have been practicing saying it over and over. I just get kind of tongue tied when I say it in a sentence and I sound pretty silly 😛 I will continue to practice this throughout the week so I don’t feel as silly by next Saturday! Other than that I have been having a pretty easy time pronouncing other words and sentences.

I am planning on doing another lesson tomorrow morning so there should be another post as well. Moving into chapter three which is preparing me to learn kanji a little more so I should have some fun stuff to say on that. After tomorrow though… I doubt I will have the time to get back into writing posts until Wednesday night. Have some crazy web site deadlines this week so I really have to focus on that. Once things calm  down though I plan on giving this site a complete redesign as well. I really, really hate this base blog theme that I picked form WordPress haha.

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