Final Steps Before Starting Kanji

Alright. So today was a shorter lesson (which actually kind of works out because I have a busy day ahead of me) in which TextFugu gave me my final preparations for beginning to learn kanji. Already I have begun learning a few of the kanji radicals but haven’t taken a look at any actual words.

This chapter gave me insight on how the different types of pronunciation work. How I can spot the differences between おんよみ and くんよみ readings and how I should expect to learn both ways using TextFugu.

I might actually just go ahead and get into the next chapter today and begin learning 1-2 stroke kanji today along with past tense nouns, but it all depends on how much work I’m able to get done in the time I have.

I will get another post out this week. Hoping to do so by Wednesday but there will be one Thursday at the latest.

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