Vocab and Kanji

Today is Thursday right? Sure. Totally is.
Well on this wonderful Thursday morning I was able to get into my lesson and start learning some basic vocab and also kanji! (dun dun duuuunnnn) I didn’t finish the entire chapter however. There is more in the chapter on past tense nouns which I decided I would save for tomorrow so I can focus on getting these kanji down. Now, I only learned four today… and they were really simple ones… but a guy has to focus sometimes to learn. Especially after the wild week I’ve had. I’m completely burned out.

Brief Overview:

So not only did I learn those four kanji but I also learned ten other vocabulary words just to get me going down the right path for creating sentences and whatnot. Gotta learn those words to begin to converse right? That being said, a bulk of my vocabulary won’t come until season 3 of TextFugu, just because I still have quite a bit of basic grammar to learn in this season.
Now as for the kanji I learned four. 一, 二, 七, and 九. Four numbers, not the first four number though. I learned these because of the 1 to 2 stroke kanji radicals that I had learned before this. (Honestly I’m not too sure I really mentioned that much in my previous posts but  I did it. I swear.) I learned the pronunciations for the kanji along with what they mean and how they’re used.

Overall Feelings:

Where I excelled:
I totally nailed those ten vocab words. I’m getting pretty quick at reading hiragana (even though I don’t really know what all the words means) and I was able to memorize the ten pretty fast-like.

Where I struggled:
Now even though there were only four kanji… and even though they’re super simple ones… I struggled a little with the くんよみ pronunciations. I don’t really think it was on me though? I got a little confused because on the TextFugu site where I have the textbook there was a button to listen to the pronunciation. I clicked it and he pronounced it the way I expected it to be pronounced. Then when I imported the flash card deck into Anki he pronounced it slightly differently… Sooooo I guess I need to look into that a bit more and nail down what I need to know for proper usage. Maybe both are right? Probably that but I’m going to do a little more digging throughout the afternoon. Still though I think I have a handle on the meanings and I know I have the おんよみ pronunciation down right so that’s good.


Anyway next time I will finish off this chapter and maybe the next one depending on how I handle the past tense nouns. I’m not expecting many struggles with it so I’m planning on doing a longer lesson 🙂

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