Past Tense with でした

Right off the bat. Yes I did pronounce でした (deshta) incorrectly the first time I read it. I went into reading it like “ah yeah I got this” and then the very next sentence was “you probably pronounced that wrong.”
Which I did. So that’s fun. I laughed 😛
Anyway, it’s much later than when I usually do my lessons. That is because I seriously need to make time for this and yet I have been finding myself becoming distracted with other things recently. So I decided to buckle down and finish off this chapter.

Brief Overview:

So I said in my previous post that the rest of this chapter would be pretty short and I could knock it out pretty fast. That probably would have been the case but I also decided to do a complete review of everything I had done up to this point. I generally do some hiragana practice and stuff daily, but today I did a complete review using Anki, RealKana, and all the other tools that had been thrown at me throughout the past months. This probably took up the bulk of my time going through this lesson. That being said I felt really confident coming out of that review. Such confidence is really encouraging, and also made the reading of でした even funnier when I read it out loud the first time. It felt like a scene from a dumb show. “Awh yeah, feeling so good about myself right now! Nothing can throw me off!) *Immediately gets the first thing he reads wrong*
All joking aside though this chapter pretty much just built upon the basic grammar foundations that I have been moving along with smoothly through this season of TextFugu. No real curve balls except for implementing the kanji I just started learning.

Overall Feelings:

Honestly this chapter wasn’t too hard at all. I think the hardest part was learning the kanji and I think that was only hard because it looks like over time the author of TextFugu changed his mind on how to learn the first four kanji. He changed his mind by adding on an extra one that then wasn’t listed in the chapter and I was freaking out like “wait but I don’t know this one and haven’t learned it” and then I looked into the deck and hey look there it was. (said kanji was 人, and I struggled with the pronunciations when mixed the previous kanji I had learned)

Where I excelled:
After getting でした wrong the first time I quickly got the pronunciation cleared up and was able to make sentences using the first set of vocabulary I have pretty easily.
I was also able to translate sentences given to me into English and I’ve notice that I’ve been getting quicker at reading hiragana.

Where I struggled:
でんしゃ でした か is a very easily sentence to twist up your tongue on. Had to say that one over and over until I could get it correctly.
Also as I previously stated, 人 gave me quite a bit of trouble just because I didn’t actually learn it in my previous lesson so all my sentences with that in it were throwing me off. (Good now)



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