Round 2: Kanji and Vocabulary

Still finding some time even this this crazy life to get in some studying this weekend.
Hoping May comes quickly that way my schedule won’t be as crazy and I have more time to study up. I have been keeping up my daily reviews though so that’s helpful.

Brief Overview:

So I’m doing what I did with the last chapter where I learn my vocabulary and kanji first and then I will move into the second half which is negative past tense nouns. I just feel like I get a better grasp on each doing it this way (a man can only focus on studying for so long before he gets distracted by a cute cat).
This chapter was a little bit harder on the vocab for me. That’s mainly because the previous batch I had to memorize I had been using in example sentences and what not so I was able to recall them easily while doing flash cards. This batch however, not so much. This was the first time I had seen all 10 of these words. I actually like that just because it gave me a chance to work on my hiragana reading instead of just remembering how the word was pronounced in an example sentence.
As for the kanji I learned 人(which actually I learned in the last set because it utilized that one), 入, 八, and finally 力.


Overall Feelings:

The beginning of this chapter wasn’t too bad aside from what I already stated. Just had a slightly harder time getting into the vocab because they were all brand new to me. The kanji weren’t too bad this time around because I was more mentally prepared for it I think.

Where I excelled:
I was able to handle the different pronunciations of the kanji better than last time, I think because I knew what to expect going in. TextFugu is pretty good at getting you to memorize each one with useful tricks.

Where I struggled:
Honestly today was just a little hard to motivate myself to even do the lesson. I know I need to keep up with it. Just been really mentally and physically exhausted the past month. I did a ton of house work and whatnot this weekend too so I haven’t had too much time to relax.

This coming week is looking promising though. Way less stressful hopefully. I plan on finishing this chapter coming Tuesday. So keep an eye out for that post.

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