An Overdue Update

Hello there people of the internet. It has been some time for sure and I feel bad for not keeping this updated. A couple of you who I have chatted with one-on-one with already know this but I figured I’d post about why I haven’t been using my language journey blog. Now at first glance these excuses are going to see pretty lame but at least hear me out.

So the main reason I haven’t been posting is “I have been insanely busy.”
Now yes, that is the classic excuse that everyone uses and what I have to do I guess is justify that statement. So here we go.
When I first started learning Japanese back in January I worked a job that literally asked nothing of me. I sat a desk all day being bored and I could use that time how I wanted as long as there wasn’t a project for me to work on. (Also get a job at a university if you want easy money and no responsibility.) However as February crept close and closer I realized I was extremely unhappy with that situation. I wanted to do things that matter. I didn’t want to be bored all day at a computer. As luck would have it my older brother got hired at a marketing agency in town and they were looking for a new web designer. So February 1st hit and I started a new job at this marketing agency. At first I was able to keep up with my studying, work, and the rest of life. As the months passed though it became more evident to me (and maybe some of you who followed my posts) that I was becoming more and more busy. At one point I was staying up till 2am almost every day for multiple weeks. This then ended up making me sick.

When this happened I made the decision that I needed to cut back on some things so that I could get the rest I need. So looking at my priorities “learning Japanese” fell pretty low to the bottom. I still wanted to do it but it wasn’t worth jeopardizing my health to do so. All of this busyness, on top of some other reasons and also talking it over with a few close friends, caused me take the break that I have. Now I still have kept up with some practices of my hiragana because I knew that I would be coming back to this in the future. I really didn’t want to start over from zero.
Fast forward now 5 months later and here we are. I have been living a lot healthier. I have been laying out my work schedule better and overall I have more time to devote to hobbies. (This being said, I still do have the nights where I have to stay up late to meet a deadline, but not as often as back then) I am also feeling happier than I was back then, which I think is important.

So all this being said, I am coming back. Today I will be starting the new product from the Tofugu guys called EtoEto. I have already read through the introductory chapter to get a feel of what to expect. It looks good! I wouldn’t expect anything less because I really like TextFugu. EtoEto isn’t completed yet, but it should be great to begin now. Once I’ve finished what I can there I will move back to TextFugu and figure out what to do. This does mean that I will be “starting over” from the beginning of hiragana, but I think that is a good thing and will make some solid review/catch up from my hiatus. Later this evening, after I get home from work and the gym, I will be doing the first lesson of EtoEto. I will do that lesson and I will write a post. Then tomorrow, I will get home from work and do a lesson and write a post. I will do this every single day until I can speak Japanese fluently.

So there you have it. I am excited to be doing this again. I’m excited to talk with you folks again. Let’s do this.

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