Quick Review: Day 1 with EtoEto

So I guess I didn’t really think things out earlier when I had posted. I was all pumped to get going and posting again but then as soon as I started reading EtoEto I realized “oh yeah I know these things really well already.” These things being the differences between hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Of course I could have easily gone further and just have done the next chapter, but I feel like I need to set this pace thoroughly this time. Even if that means going through the super easy stuff quick at first. I think it’s also a good way to gauge my dedication. If I’m willing/excited to read, and in certain places re-read, what the Tofugu team has put together for the new EtoEto then I think I’m in a good place. Good news is that yes, I am pretty excited. Right off the bat they threw a new type of note taking that I hadn’t seen before and it seems really effective! This means that I will be going back to taking all my notes by hand. My first time going through TextFugu before the fall I started off by taking hand written notes and then posting my general thoughts here. However as I came to the end of February/start of March I decided not to do that as it took more time and I could generally recall every problem I had so I could post about it. I think this actually ended up hindering my learning, especially with kanji, so this time around I will be dedicating more time to well written notes.  Other than the new note system I didn’t really get to much back out of this chapter. That is to be expected though I think. The first couple chapters leading up to hiragana should be a breeze but I think I’ll hit some walls with hiragana again when I get there. I don’t know what those walls will be, but it has been 5 months and the only review I’ve done has been Anki flash cards every other day during the week… Anyway, onward I will continue in the hopes of becoming fluent in Japanese.

Here I go.

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