EtoEto: All Caught Up

Alrighty, so I didn’t post the last two days because I realized that since this most everything that I’m doing is review I should just finish that up and then post again. Annnnd here we are! All caught up(ish)! I’ve decided to go into the early grammar stuff like I haven’t done it before because that’s definitely where I’m most rusty. I decided this because there were a couple things in the review that I hit that I was like “oh… oh yeah, I knew this once.”

I’m not too worried about “re-learning” this again because it is pretty simple in scope of things. Better be safe than sorry though! One thing I’m not sure about is how EtoEto is going to begin Kanji. I don’t know if they’re still needing to implement it into the beginner’s section of the text or if it is going to be a part of the intermediate section. So this is where things get tricky. I’m going to go ahead and cross the streams of EtoEto and TextFugu. I’m going to start adding in the Kanji lessons from TextFugu into my EtoEto studying so that I can keep up the pace I was going at a few months ago. Hopefully that isn’t a horrible idea that will hinder me in the long run. I should shoot a tweet at the EtoEto team just to get their input on the matter… If any of you have recommendations on when I should start adding in my kanji practice please let me know!

Anyway, tomorrow I start up my “new” lesson and new posts are to come. Let’s do this!

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