Next Look: Vows

At the end of yesterday’s post I mentioned how there will be more study and looking into the spiritual body. There will definitely be more of that to come as it is a part of this bigger study that I am doing on Revelation. The next part to that will be looking at how we recognize a spiritual body and things like that. It will then tie into Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24/Mark 13/Luke 21) and once I have done that I will be hitting Revelation pretty hard and posting a lot here.

During this time while I am studying these bigger subject that might take a week or so at a time to fully grasp and put together I will be researching other topics too that are weighing on me. These topics will tend to be extremely personal and related to things going on in my life currently as well as tied to past decisions.

My next “smaller” topic will be looking at making vows, or oaths, with God.

Things covered will be:

  • Should we be making them
  • Consequences of making them (good or bad)
  • How to uphold them if made
  • Examples of people making oaths with God
  • Anything else that comes to mind as I am studying

I will also be talking about the reasons for me wanting to investigate this so much. It is tied to things I have done in my life that, just recently, I have realized are going to affect me for the rest of my life. So woot, fun stuff to come probably.

Not sure how many of these “Next Look” posts I will be doing. I figure it would be good to do this that way if someone has input or questions ahead of time I can cover them in the main post.
That being said, if you have questions or have a topic or something you would like me to look into while I am studying please feel free to post a comment!

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